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A story… ‘Wrong sport, Sport!’

In what looks like an image taken straight from a generic modern country music film clip, Penrith Panthers halfback, Nathan Cleary has found himself in hot water when perhaps the more appropriate action, given these Covid-19 times would have been to take a cold shower. Photographs have emerged of 22 year old Cleary fraternising with at least five women at an inappropriate distance on ANZAC day.

“As a role model in the community this obviously is not good enough. I shouldn’t have done it. I stuffed up.”

Cleary has alleged that the group of girls, who are his “friends” had dropped into his place on their way to getting an Uber. Hmmmmm….?

The Isolation Sports phone has lit up with annoyed social distancing advocates. “My mum celebrated her 84th. birthday last week in an aged care facility. We had to talk to her on a phone staring at her through glass windows. Her hearing isn’t great, she suffers from frontal lobe dementia and it was bloody hard on all of the family, especially my mum. And here’s this bloke, taking the piss while the rest of us are doing our best for the greater good. Happy birthday mum.”

The NRL has fined Cleary $10,000 and a one match suspension for bringing the game into disrepute.

Two pictures of Nathan Cleary. One celebrating a sporting endeavour in Rugby, the second photograph is of Nathan Cleary fraternising with five women during social distancing measures at his Sydney home. Caption on photo reads: "Champ or Chump?"
Nathan Cleary celebrating stuff on the football field vs. Nathan Cleary laughing in the face of social distancing measures.
A compilation image of three photographs of a lady on a bike in isolation. Determination on her face. Powering on in her garage. Tour de Force!

Track & Field

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Are you explosive with no stamina? Have a crack at the 5m sprint.

Swimmer in full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) celebrates setting the Australian record in the category of Freestyle in Full PPE over 8 meters. Three action images taken from the record setting swim also pictured: The dive in, the impact of swimmer entering the water and during the race.


Any distance, any stroke… Your pool, your rules!

Man on trampoline in bright orange Hazardous Materials suit. Full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

The Human Spirit

If you can think it, you can be it! This is your chance to shine. The sky is the limit

Dog at full stretch trying to catch a football in his mouth. The football looks way too big for the dogs mouth. This photo was probably quickly followed by a yelp as the ball  impacts with the dogs snout. The dog looks happy.


Domesticated animals of the World… be seen, be heard.

Now is the time for your canine or feline to Shine!

You want to be here, but you’re not… you’re there…

at home… alone… or not…

in isolation… in training…

to be your best, because…

you are the best version of YOU!